Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow, again

We woke up on Sunday morning to more snow, probably 5 inches of the white stuff.

It wasn't a surprise, for 2 reasons:

- it had been forecast

- and I'd been woken at 3am by Jasmine (who'd had a bad dream apparently) who informed me then that it was REALLY snowing.

Logan (our wonderfully blonde retriever) loves snow, possibly more than the children do, as a natural scavenger (think refuse bin on legs) Logan treats snow as another, unlimited food group. He had his breakfast and then disappeared into the garden to frolic - that's the only word that can be used to describe his antics, he was digging his toys out of the snow, rolling in the snow, making snow angels (trust me) and generally acting like an overgrown & overweight puppy!

Kettwig is a very quaint town, lots of black and white, half timbered buildings in the Altstadt (that we managed to miss out on the bombing raids in the war, although the 'munitions factory on the river's edge took a direct hit) and in the snow the area is beautiful.

I have to give where it's due (this time to the weather gods) for timing the snow so well. A day or so earlier and the new Year's Eve celebrations would have been messed up, a day or so later and the children would be back at school. But the dumping of a good 5 inches on Saturday night (probably more like Sunday morning) was perfection indeed.
The children needed another distraction (new Christmas presents soon lose their appeal) so yesterday was spent sledging and I guess the next 3 days also, because this snow ain't going anywhere, it's cold out there, our highest high, forecast this week is minus 1 (I wont tell you the lowest low...suffice to say I need some thermals) so the snow isn't going to melt and at the end of the week there's more snow forecast, joy! I'll be so fed up of it by then!

When will it be springtime?

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