Sunday, January 31, 2010

The lost week

Where did last week go?

How can it be Sunday already?

I feel as though I fell asleep at the beginning of the week and have just awoken to discover I've missed 6 days.

Except if that were the case I wouldn't be this knackered.

Instead the week was swallowed up by sickness, childrens' sickness. It's a good job that one of us here is able to abandon whatever plans they may have had for the week and become parent on call, if I had a paid job for example that'd be tricky. When Ben was little and I worked part-time, he caught chicken pox, really badly, and had to be nursed at home for well over a week, at the time I was able to call on both grandmothers to come and stay and help, but here? They might only be an hour or so away but it's an hour by plane now, not by car.

I have been at the beck and call of my children all this week, 24 hours a day. Now don't get me wrong, I love my children, would do anything for them (in fact Si was telling me about a colleague who has discovered his adult son needs a new kidney NOW, because his have packed up for whatever reason, this guy is the perfect match and so at the age of 60 or so he's donating one of his kidneys to his sick son. So Si asked me, would I do that. I said of course, I wouldn't even hesitate) but a week of fetching and carrying cups of water and bowls of sick does get a little...wearing.

Thursday and Friday Jas seemed to be on the mend and I said to Si that I'd bunk off for a couple of hours on Saturday morning, on my own, I was really looking forward to it.

The gods had other plans.

We were woken at 3am Saturday by Jas complaining of stomach pains again, which rapidly became vomiting before subsiding into dry wretching (only because her stomach was completely empty) At 6 we gave up any pretense of sleep and decided we should take her to A&E, which is when we discovered the snow. About 3 more inches of the damned stuff.

So not only was my Tuesday to Friday written off but so was my Saturday, as I said, a lost week.

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