Sunday, January 24, 2010

Germans...mad or just bonkers?

I've seen it all now.

Walked Logan through the woods today, it was dry but cold, pretty much all of the snow has gone without the help of any rain, so the ground underfoot was a little muddy but not too bad, it was no quagmire by any stretch of the imagination.

Normally when I get back from a walk and Logan is wet (a frequent occurence due to the proximity of the river and Logan's belief that he is a hippo) all I do is throw down a large and old towel and make him lie on it until he's dry - this is helped by the fact that we have a tiled floor in the hall with underfloor heating. This procedure works when he's muddy also, although then later I also have to sweep up the resulting detritus, again no biggy due to the tiled floor.

But I just saw a man (who had been walking in the same area that I had) who has a retriever like ours and a silly little dachshund also, standing with his dogs outside his front door, picking up the dogs' paws one by one and cleaning them off with a brush. Both dogs are clearly used to this procedure as they stood dociley throughout.

Am I alone in thinking this is a little extreme? Or am I just idle?

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