Thursday, January 7, 2010

Don't Panic!!

We've had snow here since Saturday (I think) it snowed a bit during the day and then we woke up buried in the damn white stuff on Sunday morning, and as the temperatures have gone through the floor there's no way this snow is going anywhere fast...

This is fine (well, in truth I'm sick of the damn stuff and the freezing weather, want to be out running (gotta shift the Christmas cake weight somehow) but can't for fear of slipping and falling and breaking something more than a nail - it's happened before and it wasn't even icy then - I'm not the most stable of people...)

However, I will admit it does give the children something else to do outside in winter - living at the top of a hill does mean that the sledging (or sledding for you people of the American persuasion) is very good.

Germany copes well with snow, as I've mentioned previously, the schools are all open today for the first day of term, unlike in the UK, where they all re-opened on Monday only to shut mid morning on Tuesday because for health and safety reasons snow is too dangerous - the children might throw snowballs and get a bit wet, or go sliding on the slippery ice and actually slip, whereas here the kids are ringing their teachers asking if they can take their sledges to school with them for play time, and I wouldn't put it past them (the kids) to splash buckets of water over the playground in order to make an ice rink...

But, (it's a big but, so I should probably type 'BUT') we have more snow coming as I've been informed over and over again this morning by Germans (who love to spread doom and gloom) a 50 centimetre dumping is due on Saturday. That sounds like quite a lot...half a metre's worth of snow? It'll be over my wellies...up to the dog's chin, that's going to take some shovelling.

Apparently the locals are all stockpiling food as if for a war - I had to smile to myself as I was told this - thinking; 'we'll win, like we did the last time!'

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