Friday, January 15, 2010

girl trouble part 2

The fallout from Monday's phonecall with Herr B (Jas's teacher) - for this post to make any sense whatsoever you will need to have read the post on January 12 'girl trouble' - your choice.

Jas took the note she'd written in to school, must have shown it to Herr B 1st thing and he said to keep hold of it till 1st break time.
At first break time Herr B gathered the 5 girls together and they sat down and talked about what Jas had written and so on.

This clearly took up all of the play time as they were supposed to continue during the 2nd break time, unfortunately Herr B had forgotten a previous appointment and the 5 girls were left to talk about it alone, without an adult facilitator. Jas says that 'this didn't work' and I can imagine it wouldn't! I'm also not surprised that they would need more than 1 break time to talk it through as Germans will never use 1 word when there are 10 others desperate to be used as well.

I don't think I'd be much good at interrogation, all I've really managed to establish is that now Jas is feeling happier with the situation and that she had actually had her friends to play with after the intervention.

2 days on and the situation seems to be back to normal with Jas recounting conversations between her and her friends and today going over to play after school with one of the girls.

Herr B apparently asked on Thursday (for some reason he (as their class teacher at primary school) isn't there to teach them on a Wednesday, has more important things todo I guess...) how things were going between the group of girls and whether they were all playing together. Jas in true German-English told him 'it goes' (which is the literal translation of the DE 'es geht', which made me smile, and then I corrected her!)

Normality resumed, for the meantime anyway! And just in time for the weekend.

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