Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marie Celeste

Our house is so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

It's not because it's empty, there's only Si (skived off to Copenhagen) and Ben (gone to school because it's too boring at home) not here.

Jas is the loudest member of the family by far (unless one of the hamsters is hammering his wheel or the dog is dreaming - stupid great oaf doesn't really bark but will whimper and woof the night/day away) but Jas is still poorly sick and the loudest she gets at the moment is whilst retching...

Ben has bounced back like a rubber ball from this rotten stomach bug and although may be still a little tired this morning he declared he would go to school (I left the decision entirely up to him) as he'd be bored here at home - so off to double German and double maths he's gone!!

I feel...fragile, just not 100%, if I take everything at half speed I should be fine but Jas? Poor little mite, it's another day on the sofa in her pj's with a bowl to throw up into and a glass of water for company, although I'm sure the damned Disney Channel will make an appearance sooner or later - later I hope, I 'watched' maybe an hour of it yesterday and could almost feel my brain liquifying and turning into saccharine, give me Blue Peter anyday!

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