Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's like russian roulette

But with a fully loaded pistol....

I'm just waiting, waiting for the inevitable.

Yesterday I had one of those dreaded calls from school

'can you come and collect your child? she's not well'

At least Jas waited till she'd been home for 15 minutes or so before starting her 7 hour vomiting spree (or should that be spray?)

I hate having sick children, but the vomiting has to be the worst (before you start on the more serious things that need hospitalisation that is)
There is so little you can do for them, clean up afterwards (joy) keep hair out of the flow, keep them warm or cool depending on which way the fever is going and keep water going in, if only to see it coming out again 10 minutes later.
At least with pain you can give medicine, itchy skin can be creamed and cuts and bruises can be bathed/iced, but vomiting? You feel so helpless.

She was in bed by 7pm and after one last hurl at 8pm I should have had a quiet night.

Oh no.

I have 2 children (1 dog, 2 hamsters and a husband - this is not the order of importance...) and just after 1am I was woken by number one son being noisily sick (I'd opted to spend the night on the spare bed in Jas's room in case she needed me - this meant I was fractionally closer to the bathroom also)

So today I have 2 sick children at home from school and get to spend the day, when not ministering to them, wondering if or when the bug will get to me (Simon, the crafty bugger has flown to Copenhagen for 3 days) and trying to stay awake seeing as I spent most of the night cleaning up the bathroom.

And there I was muttering yesterday about the awful Monday feeling, I should have been grateful at the time that it wasn't 'throw up Tuesday'.

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