Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas done, for another year

I think I can now safely say that the Christmas/New Year 2009 holiday is OVER!

  • Final set of visitors have been deposited back at the airport (altho the flight that they're trying to catch hasn't left the country they're trying to get back to yet)
  • Christmas tree has been stripped and is awaiting council collection
  • Christmas cards are in the recycling bin
  • All the twinkly lights have been packed away
  • Husband back at work
  • Kids back to school on Thursday
  • Still have 1/2 a Christmas cake to eat, but that's a GOOD thing, it's way too good to share with all and sundry!
I do enjoy the Christmas/New Year holiday, it's lovely to have friends and family here, but it's also nice when they're all GONE, and I have my house back, I can make a cup of tea without worrying that I should make someone else one, I don't have to constantly think about what I'm going to feed everyone and so on.

It's also good say goodbye to this particular Christmas break, in these two weeks we've managed between us to;
  • lose the emerald from my engagement ring (& find it again)
  • have Simon body surf down the stairs scraping his forearm almost to the tendon
  • knock a glass of wine over the laptop (New Year's Eve) - it's dead
  • lose another ring - completely (however it resurfaced after an absence of 3 days)
  • break a part of the present I got for Si, before we'd even used it or admired it
  • damage Si's glasses so that he needs to get a new pair
To brighten things up I thought I'd share with you the jokes from our Christmas crackers - a very important part of the traditional English Christmas, it's also traditional that the jokes are groan inducingly bad, and you have to wear the paper crown from the cracker...

- what do you get if you cross a lion with a snowman? - Frostbite
- what happened to the lady who stole a Christmas calendar? - She got 12 months
- what do you call a blind reindeer? - No eye deer
- what did the police officer say when he saw the snowman stealing? - Freeze
- which king do all kids love at Christmas? - Their stocKING
- what do Eskimos use to hold their homes together? - Ig-'glue'
- what do elves learn at school? - The elf-abet
- how do snowmen travel? - On icecycles
- what do you call a penguin in the Sahara? - Lost
- what did the cow say when she woke up on Christmas morning? - Moooey Christmas
- where did the mistletoe go to become rich and famous? - Hollywood
- what do snowmen eat for Christmas? - Snowflakes

So that was Christmas for another year, here's to 2010!

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