Friday, January 8, 2010

Daisy - a dog? a flower? or more snow?

I'm typing this looking out of my kitchen window at the sun shining in a beautiful blue sky while the inches of snow (that we still have from Sunday) twinkle in that pretty way they do, lulling you into a false sense of security, making you think that going outside is a good idea, that you wont freeze your bits off or slip over in a comedy/slapstick manner to add yet another bruise to your ever expanding collection.

Well, I ain't being conned, no sirree!
I've done my going out for today thank you very much (although there is the minor problem of fetching Jasmine at 3pm, I wonder if I paid him, would Ben go and collect his little sister... hmmm, definitely worth considering, it's amazing what a 12 year old will do for money)
I was up bright and early (actually, it was so early it wasn't bright, and when I have to get up early I'm not bright either - before 2 cups of some caffeine reinforced beverage have passed my lips there is no way I could be described as 'bright' - 'grumpy' or 'sleepy' (if you want to go down the Disney route as a friend on FB did yesterday morning when I was griping) or just simply 'not awake' would cover it) anyway, up at 6.25, out straight after Jas left for school (7.35) putting the recycling bin onto pavement, loading dog into car & going to the closest 'super'market to stock up on essentials (chocolate, milk, wine, bread, chocolate) before the low pressure system 'Daisy' hits over the weekend and leaves us with more snow (yeah, I know, a weather system called 'Daisy', how bonkers is that? Daisy to me is either a pretty flower in the lawn you make into daisy chains as a kid or my parents' Samoyed - cute, white and fluffy - well I guess the white and fluffy could be applied to the snow that this system is supposed to be bringing us, but cute? No. I'm so over snow now!) Anyway, the Germans are all stocking up so I thought I should join in! Then it was onto a friend's house to walk the dog, and well over an hour later we made it back to hers (having been up frozen, slippery hill and down frozen, slippery hill) to defrost with hot coffee, I'm still not completely warm, I feel like wrapping myself up in a blanket or sitting on a radiator, it's not that the house is cold, just that I'm not warm, and looking at all the snow outside just reinforces the cold inside of me. 3 layers of clothing is clearly not enough!!

And the sub zero (doesn't that sound so much colder than minus?) temperatures are here for another week, which means that the snow stays too, joy! I'm so happy!

When is it spring?

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