Monday, January 11, 2010

Le Weekend

I don't have a hugely active social life and so normally when someone asks, during the course of conversation what I've done over the weekend I have to pause and think (hard) before usually coming up with the same old answer 'nothing much'.

This week the answer will be the same, but at least I have a solid reason for the doing of not much - Daisy, and all her snow.

Actually that's not quite true, yes, Daisy did make an appearance on Saturday but we (here in NRW at least, I can't comment on the rest of Germany) only got 8 inches or so of snow and not the half a metre originally threatened/promised (depending on your liking of the white stuff) which was quite enough thank you very much seeing as we already had the same amount left over from last Sunday...

Saturday it snowed ALL day causing weather warnings and public announcements to 'only drive if it's ESSENTIAL'. Simon decided that a trip to the opticians was essential and dragged Jas and I along. Surprisingly the opticians was all but deserted as were most of the shops (apart from the supermarkets where people were still laying in stocks of food and candles to see them through the oncoming STORM!)
I went out again later (on foot) with the dog and Rebecca (& her dog - no one would choose to go out in the middle of a snow storm without a very good reason, like a dog who stares at you balefully everytime you walk past) We often walk the dogs together as it's quicker (the 2 dogs chase each other around and so cover more distance than if they were alone) and in vile weather company on a walk is a good thing, it also ensures that you can't back out of it as you've committed to a friend! But after that walk I refused to go out again, stayed in the warm drinking red wine and eating curry (that I didn't even have to cook myself (Simon did) good life eh?).

Sunday was expected to be a repeat of Saturday but Daisy had other plans and had either moved on to fresh pastures or lost all her petals, we did get a sprinkling of snow, but nothing like Saturday's, and again the highlight of my day was walking the dog, through the snow - but at least this time it wasn't snowing so we didn't get wet.
We passed some people with a couple of sledges in the woods, walking up a steep hill and stopping at the top, Rebecca thought they were stopping to then go down the hill, but I thought they were stopping for a drink...and sure enough as we walked past, a rucksack was open and a thermos flask was being passed around - what did I say recently about the preparedness of the Germans? Personaly I'd never think 'ok, going sledging, what do I need?' and answer myself 'thermos of hot tea/coffee'. I'd be thinking, 'sledge' and 'gloves' - might just about manage to think 'tissues in case my nose runs' or 'mobile in case of emergency of broken bones' but thermos? No.
Just not prepared enough like the Gemans - however as I pointed out to Rebecca - we did win the war...

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