Saturday, January 30, 2010

Confession time

I admit it ok?

I confess.

I am a bag lady.

I'm not sure when this bag (or should that be bad?) habit began, although seeing as I can remember some of the bags I used to haul my school books around in 35 years ago maybe it goes back to my teenage years...

I wouldn't describe my habit as being too serious, it's not like I have to have the latest IT bag or anything like that, when it comes to bags the label isn't important to me (maybe because I know that within a season (that's 6 months in my fashion book I do summer and winter with degrees of layering to accomodate temperature variations - although clearly this layering doesn't apply to bags) within a season I'll be bored with the bag and itching for something new, and even I with my spendthrift ways can acknowledge that you shouldn't do that with a bag you've paid hundreds for.

I have a few categories of bag...

the everyday bag - (this is the one that gets the most use and is changed every season) needs to be a decent size, I need to be able to fit in a paperback, maybe an umbrella (a small telescopic one!) a cloth bag for those unexpected purchases when I, in a fit of planetary awareness decline the plastic bag offered, purse, diary, phone, keys, lippie, tissues plus whatever else the kids/husband decide they no longer want the responsibilty for. Examples of this bag are the first 4 pics.

the holiday bag 1 - this has been for several years my big pink Boden number (pic 5), it's sole use is as hand baggage, it could possibly hold the kitchen sink, yet still fits beneath the airplane seat in front of me (and fulfills the airline size regulations) and looks good at the same time.

the holiday bag 2 - needs to be smallish, but able to hold sunnies and cash and maybe a phrasebook, needs to be able to be worn across the body and preferably slot into holiday bag 1, currently this slot is being filled by pic 6, but it's not quite doesn't quite do the job. Maybe it's just too old and past it?

the evening bag - I've several (surprised?) possibly because none of them quite do the job, there's the cute little Radley (pic 7) that's black on one side and patterned on the other, and a little green sequined clutch (pic 8) that is GORGEOUS but holds only lippie and a mirror and none too securely at that...

Looking at this collection of mine (another confession (I'm sooo hoping this is one blog that Si doesn't read...) what you see here is possibly not quite all of my bag collection (I am 45 this year, and at 2 bags per year that's a lot of bags, even if I only started buying them when I was actually earning money)) what strikes me about my bags is that I say I'm not a label buyer - but most of my bags are Boden (I have a couple of Radleys too but good old Johnnie seems to be able to scratch my bag itch every time, it was touch and go this season as to whether I'd just replace the broken silver satchel with the new updated pewter version they have for this spring - but then the purple patent stole my heart).

Every season as the new fashions hit the magazines and shops my eyes are always drawn to the bags (ok, and to the shoes and the clothes) I've been very proud of myself this winter season, I stayed with my summer 09 bag, a silver satchel (pic 4) across the body number, stayed true to it despite one of the magnetic clasps breaking back in August (which is definitely grounds for replacement in anybody's book) but the bag was a great size and it left my hands free (to carry other bags full of shopping) One bag lasting 2 seasons, almost... last week I was in Essen, just window shopping alone for the first time since the Christmas break and I saw it, a purple patent shopper (pic 1) and it was reduced by 50%. I gave it a thorough examination and then walked away...around the shop and back to the bag, I knew I'd regret it if I left it there, it called to me and so now it's mine. I debated telling Si that it was old and I'd had it ages (my usual ploys) but I knew that even he with his colour blindness wouldn't be fooled by such a line - so I hit him with the 3 pronged attack instead of,

- it was 1/2 price
- I never got a bag last season
- I got points on your P&C card

Maybe this is why he's now going on and on about his desperate need for a new suit carrier and a new suitcase, he'll be wanting a manbag next!!

another confession - if you think this is bad, you should see my earring collection....or my shoes....

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