Monday, January 25, 2010

Blahhh it's Monday

I do wonder why I still have an allergic reaction to Mondays...I mean it's not as if I have to go to work or (heaven forbid) school, but Monday's can still be guaranteed to give me that Monday feeling (the complete opposite to that happy Friday feeling, which I start feeling from Wednesday afternoon onwards usually, despite the fact that I don't work (actually I should change that to 'work for money....') etc etc

This Monday is no different, in fact it's marginally worse today.

- Look what we woke up to:

More of the damn white stuff, and the sky's so grey that there's clearly more snow hiding up there. We'd only just got rid of the last lot. And I'd kind of thought that tomorrow I'd take my car into Essen to Mr Wash & get it cleaned (it's disgustingly filthy with all the salt and stuff off the roads, they'll kick me out the country if I'm not careful!) but if there's all this damn snow around again is it worth it? I guess so, at least it'll look clean for a day or so and actaully it is so dirty that I can barely see through the windows to look in my mirrors...

- Ben has no school today, the teachers take a day off from educating children to discuss what grades they should get in their half yearly Zeugnis* (which I think they get the end of this week and then have next Monday off because they got their Zeugnis 2 days ago...) This means that I have a 12 year old moping around all day, wanting to be entertained (especially if there are no friends to play with...) although it does mean that I can get him to walk the dog in the snow.

- We've just had a meeting with Ben's maths teacher following on from a very poor (in fact dreadful) maths test result, we asked for the meeting to try to find a way to help Ben with maths tests. The problem Ben has is that the tests are all text based and as German isn't his first language he has to first understand the question, he's also unused to such text based questions (although after a year of it you'd think he'd have gotten his head around it by now...) So we came away from the meeting with a list of books and a DVD to get that will give Ben lots to practice with.

Other than that Monday is just another day in the week, another day closer to the end of January, another day closer to spring...I am so over snow!

*see word of the day

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