Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the wrath of 'rena

I had a great chat (on the phone) last night with a very old English friend (she's not very old (being 3 months younger than me) but we've known each other more than half our lives - so she's an old friend), to preserve her anonymity I'll call her W...

The last time we spoke was admittedly before Christmas but when we do get together or get on the phone together it's as though there's no distance (in either time or (space - no that'd be Star Trek wouldn't it?) distance).

We must have chatted for 40 minutes, covering subjects from weather (snow, snow and more snow) to Christmas and New Year, her other half's car accident (he wasn't hurt, well his pride was probably slightly dinged) a child's birthday, a messy relationship and vomit (naturally) and only then after we'd covered pretty much everything from A-Z did she get to the letters M and W, dropping casually into the conversation the BOMBSHELL;

'oh, and we might get married this year'


Conversation screeches to a halt.


I'm so excited! W and her other half, have been engaged since forever (millenium eve to be exact - I can even remember the phone call telling me the news, actually that's a lie, I remember being incredibly hungover and having the phone forced into my hand and up to my ear as I was trying to remain under the duvet in my comatose state) They've moved house 2 (or is it 3) times in that period and had 2 children so it's not as if they're not a settled couple, so this would just be the icing on the cake (wedding cake, naturally, yum).

I'd given up asking 'when are you getting married?' and had decided that maybe it wasn't going to happen but now it looks as though it is!

- They haven't thought of a date yet - I told her my holiday dates which she needs to avoid unless she plans to invoke the 'wrath of 'rena*'
- They haven't thought through venues yet either, church or registry office? Decision still to be made...
- Party (the important part) location is probably a marque in their garden, which would provide the perfect, relaxed venue.
- Entertainment, has been decided and they are in complete agreement on this, Elvis. Really! He's alive and well and living in can picture that decision can't you, I mean it makes perfect sense, where else would the rhinestone king fit in without anyone noticing, somewhere he could slide into obscurity and live life like a normal person, Hertfordshire clearly ticks all the boxes!
- She's been thinking about dresses (aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhh!!! - Girlie screaming)
- No mention of a honeymoon, but then I didn't ask that question, I was way too excited at the thought of my friend getting married!

So the next question is - do I get a hat or not?

It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exciting!

*Rena is what W has always called me

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