Sunday, February 7, 2010

Football crazy, football mad

I loathe and detest football.

I find it utterly boring and tedious in the extreme.

Not unsurprising really as I grew up with a father who actively hated the sport and a brother who would only admit to supporting Aston Villa (the local team) in order to fit in at school.

Shame then that I married a man who LOVES the game and is an ardent Liverpool fan, I hate the days when his team loses, it always puts him in a bad mood and I long for the summer months (not just for the decent weather) when the footie season is over, although this year we'll get hardly any respite from the damn game what with the world cup and all...

Shame for Simon that the apathy towards football is clearly genetic and has been transferred to our son, who finds no interest in either the playing of the sport or the watching of it!

This week the sports writers have been gossiping about whether the captain of the English football team, John Terry, should keep his position after being exposed as having had an affair with a fellow team members ex-girlfriend. Friday afternoon saw him 'being stripped' of the captaincy.

Earlier in the week when the debate over the captaincy was still raging I had a truly bizarre conversation with my father about this matter.

Yeah, that's right, two people who don't give a monkey's about football spending conversational time talking about the game, like I said, it was a bizarre conversation.

Bizarre firstly because we actually talked about football and secondly because of what my dad maybe it's due to sleep deprivation on my part or too many sherries on my dad's but this is how my memory of the conversation goes...

me - well, I think he shouldn't still be captain, he's a role model for so many young boys, they look up to him.

him - they'd all think it's great.

me - exactly, so he shouldn't be captain after what he's done.

him - ah, but you only get one life...

me - ughh?

Like I said, one too any sherries?

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