Saturday, February 20, 2010

and another thing...

Why does my neighbour (elderly gentleman goes by the name of Herr Doktor Bartels) insist on feeding my dog (who is a walking dustbin)?

Logan loves my neighbour, I swear the stupid dog can hear H.D.B's garage door opening from inside our house (the 2 houses aren't attached) and knows that that signals the imminent arrival of H.D.B in his garden and therefore the possibility of food (Logan might be very blonde when it comes to intelligence, but when it comes to scavenging he's an A star student)

Logan will stand on his back legs at the one point of our garden where the 6foot wooden fencing gives way to 4foot metal fencing over the drive and cranes his upper body around (crushing the plants beneath his heavy paws) in order to greet his BF. He's such a traitorous hound, will do literally anything for food.

So today H.D.B has just returned from where ever and Logan has received a treat of cheese, despite the fact that H.B.D commented to Jas (currently rollerskating round the outside of the house) that Logan's fat!

The poor dog is on diet dog food to try to reduce his waist line and my damn neighbour goes and feeds him cheese!

I'm not amused.

Maybe I should invest in a sign;


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