Friday, February 19, 2010

The Sex God

We went to Lulus last night as threatened, the plan had been to go because the 3rd Thursday of the month is English practice night for the locals (it's hosted by the local language school) and we had intended to join the Germans who were trying to improve their English, but we never made it away from the bar...we'd probably have been too raucous for them anyway.

Kamesh presented us with a dilemma last night, he's going home (India) on business (8 days away and only 4 days work - does apparently count as business) and whilst there he'll be seeing his parents who he hasn't seen for 6 months. So he's suddenly decided he should take a present for his mom and what should he take...

After we recovered from our annoyance that we'd been done out of a shopping trip with someone else's money (the best kind) we started coming up with suggestions and then found out that not only is Kamesh on a team building trip today (paint balling - how is that team building? Shooting at your friends and colleagues, doesn't seem very friendly to me) and so wont actually have time to do any shopping, but his flight leaves just before 7am on Saturday...which kind of leaves him with just the airport shops...I do worry just what kind of present his poor mother is going to receive!

Ian had come to Lulus straight from the gym where he'd done his workout and then sauna'd. The Germans of course take the sauna seriously, they like to stoke up the heat, add lots of essential oils and then sit on the burning hot benches with nothing but a miniscule piece of towelling to protect their cheeks from a scorching. They do it naked and mixed (although we're meant to believe that Ian retains his British decorum by staying safely wrapped in his larger than your average sauna towel) However, in the Ukraine the art of sauna is taken even more seriously (Rebecca's husband is there on business regularly and gets taken to the 'baths' when he's there) they're not content with steaming away their life force with heat, oh no, after the heat they then beat each other with birch twigs...Sam refused to go on his last trip (to the baths, not on the actual business trip) because his colleague threatened him with a new venue which he was really proud of because it has professional beaters!!

Somehow or other we got onto the subject of names...I can't for the life of me remember how...or why...but one thing's for sure, Kamesh is going to rue the day he told us that his name translates as,

Sex God

We howled with laughter as he continued to explain that the 'Kama' in 'Kama Sutra' means sex, but it did lead us to wonder why on earth anyone would name their baby boy 'sex god'...wishful thinking or a family name?

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