Monday, February 22, 2010

Aufwiedersehen Winter

Is it really over?

Can it be true?

Dare I believe it?

Look what I saw yesterday...

Surely the first sign of spring?

Admittedly here the snow drops (Schneeglöckchen = little snowbells) aren't quite the same as those back in England, they're a bit more pointy here, the bluebells are a bit odd here too and when you try to describe the carpets of bluebells that appear in some woods in the UK, you get a strange blank look, so that clearly doesn't happen here.

The weather today is positively balmy (as in tropical temperatures not as in 'nutty as a fruitcake' - although that doesn't make sense does it? Nutty as a fruit fantabulous Christmas cake was definitely fruity but there was not a nut in sight (apart from the almonds in the marzipan that is) so how can something be as nutty as a fruit cake? Maybe one has to be more specific about the type of fruit cake - Dundee for instance has lots of nuts on the top...) anyway, today is warm (in comparison to the sub zero temperatures we've been suffering anyway) it's 11 degrees out there and I'm sitting here with my window wide open, bliss.

There was no frost overnight which meant that I was finally able to go running for the first time in weeks and weeks - Logan was so pleased (not! He's such an idle hound) Normally when I get his lead out he starts almost dancing around me in glee, but not today, he might be daft but he has remarkable clothing awareness for a male dog. He can tell the difference between pyjamas (clearly not going walkies in those) jeans (high walkies possibility) and running gear (you can almost hear him thinking, 'crap, I get to go out but the crazy cow is going to drag me along on the end of my lead and I'll be lucky if I get to stop for a wee and a poo let alone drink in the river or scrounge for food') I'll give him credit though, he doesn't run and hide - it must be love!

It felt good to be out running again, feels even better now, several hours later, 5 minutes into it and I was knackered! Fortunately after that comes the nice downhill bit and then along the river. Might even go again tomorrow as long as I don't wake up to rain...

I do think it might be too early to pack away my winter woollies and boots though, but on the up side that does mean I don't have to start shaving my legs and painting my toenails again just yet!!

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