Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food Part 1 - a biscuity problem

The other day I was walking in the woods with Rebecca and we fell to discussing food that we can't get here in Germany and that we miss from England.

It started off simply enough, I mentioned that I'd found what looked like Hobnobs in a supermarket here, they're slightly smaller than their original version and not quite as hobby or nobby as they should be, but they fill that space.
This led us onto the dangerous if not treacherous ground of reminiscing over the biscuit possibilities that we've left behind in the UK...

Jaffa cakes - there is a very good German equivalent, but it's not quite right, I think the chocolate is the bit that's wrong.
Custard creams - nothing that even comes close, or those sticky custard creams (sigh) not a chance.
Cadbury chocolate fingers - there are biscuit fingers the same size and packaged in the same manner but I'm sorry, the chocolate just isn't Cadbury's.
Wagon wheels or Tunnocks Tea cakes - no and no.

There are however biscuits and sweet things here that we hadn't discovered before;

Choco Crossies - like little clusters of chocolate coated cornflakes (more chocolate than flake) I can eat a whole (not very big) bag by myself (if I hide them from the children once I've opened them that is).

Chocolate (there's that word again) coated Oreos.

Mikado - kind of like unsalted pretzel sticks coated in...chocolate.

There's lots of other boring and sensible stuff but nothing along the lines of jammy dodgers, bourbons, gingernuts or chocolate digestives, no shortbread (you do occasionally see VERY expensive Scottish shortbread) not even garibaldis (they ought to be a sensible enough biscuit for the Germans to embrace)

With this sad lack of sweet things that we love in mind we're building a list, of food stuffs that we need, the only question remains is who will deliver the goods? Who is coming to visit next? Preferably in a car, it's going to be a LARGE order!!

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