Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breakfast treat

We had breakfast out this morning, me and Jas. She doesn't have school today (they have an additional day following on from Rosamontag, Ben is at school though...) and we'd thought to have lunch out but then we changed our minds to breakfast, which is a big deal here in Germany, with croissants, more types of bread roll than you can imagine, cheese, ham, salami, jam, quark and boiled eggs.

Tuesday is market day in Kettwig, with the market set up from the early hours of the morning until just lunch time so I thought (foolishly) that we'd find one of the 5 cafes open and serving breakfast at 8am, afterall it is market day and school starts at 7.50.

As you can see from the photo of our breakfast, we were not successful.
9.30 seemed to be the earliest opening time for breakfast, now I'm sorry but who on earth has breakfast at 9.30? (actually I do know someone) On a week day? (still know someone)
Come on!
If I waited that long for sustenance my stomach would think that my throat had been cut (especially as I would have been up for 3 hours by then - note I didn't say 'awake')
What a crazy idea, or is this just part of the 2-tier breakfast thing that the Germans do? Schools and many large firms have an early morning break that they call 'frühstückpause' (breakfast break) where they'll eat bread, pain chocolate, croissant - basically anything they want, and this comes a mere couple of hours after their breakfast at home.

So, no breakfast in a little cafe, fortunately the bakers were all open (of course) and we were able to get croissants for our breakfast at home, Cafe Evans, the service is reasonable (I'd say it was good but Jas would probably argue otherwise) and it's cheap! Shame I have to tidy up afterwards!

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