Monday, April 12, 2010

Time Flies By

..when you're the driver of a train...

well that's how the song/theme tune from my youth goes

and that's how I feel today.

The Easter hols are over, the school summer term starts today, so that means the next time the children break from school will be the end of the school year (no half term here, half terms are for whimps) and that will mean both of them moving up a year (fingers crossed eh Jas?!) where does the time go?

How can it be April already? And not just the beginning of April either, it's the 12th for heaven's sake, we're almost half way through the 4th month of the year, I'm sure time didn't fly like this when I was younger...double Latin and double maths seemed to last a lifetime and even Friday afternoons at work were at least 8 hours long...I'm sure my brother tried to tell me last month that we were gaining time but to me time seems to be whipping by.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad that it's April and spring at long, long last, but if time continues at warp speed then it'll be Christmas before I know it and summer will be just a fading memory - although I am looking forward to Christmas (sad eh? It's only 4 months since the last one and already I'm looking forward to the next) but I do have good reason -my brother has invited himself and his wife (naturally they come as a matched pair, well not matched exactly - she'd have to grow about 2 feet and have a rather unpleasant nose job) and our parents to come here for Christmas, which will be great fun, having my brother in the house is rather like having another child around, Ed's mental age is probably not dissimilar to that of my soon to be 13 year old son... little baby boy is going to be a teenager in just over a did that happen?
I can still remember the moment during labour when the midwife said (after an internal (eek) examination)

'hmm, I can't feel what I expected to feel'


You mean there isn't a baby in there afterall? For 9 months there's been something else growing in my belly?

It turned out that what she meant was that she could feel a bum and not a head (as the awkward little bugger (clearly wanting to start as he meant to continue) was planning to make an arse first appearance.

Still, when you're in the middle of it all and drugged up to your eyeballs (none of this modern 'natural, drug free labour' for me thank you very much, I entered the maternity ward demanding the drugs trolley, and gradually worked my way through everything they could offer) having a professional admit they're not sure what's going on isn't what you need...

That 'little' boy is now within an inch of being my height and takes at least 1 size bigger shoes than I do and tomorrow goes on a field trip with school to learn about sex my day it was the kind of thing covered in the lab or classroom and took about an hour, goodness only knows what will happen on a 5 hour sex education field trip, needless to say, I'll let you know tomorrow!

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