Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Over the Limit

I began to get a little concerned towards the end of our week in New York, that maybe, just maybe we would be over our customs allowance, not that I had any idea of what it actually was (I looked it up while we were there, and saw $430 on a website and thought that wasn't too bad, but I've just done a slightly more thorough check and it looks as though the limit is still 175 euro (gulp) it's not much is it?)

Rather than falling asleep counting sheep I was falling asleep totting up the punishment my credit card hard taken in one week and coming to the conclusion that we would definitely be over the did that happen? Not that it stopped me continuing to flex my plastic muscle the morning before the flight - might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

Arriving at the airport and then waiting for our luggage I could feel my anxiety building, I tried not to look over at the scary customs men in their green uniforms too often and prayed that our bags wouldn't be last off the conveyor belt making us last to run the gaunlet...walking through, I kept up a conversation with Jas, trying to act natural, trying not to think about the light that must have been flashing over my head 'I've got 1 bag more than I travelled out with' I could almost hear it booming...

I needn't have worried, the customs guys were probably more interested in checking that everyone was alive and kicking seeing as some krazy krauts tried to get a dead body onto a flight from the UK at the weekend....


You think I'm kidding?

It's true.

Even the BBC says so here and today it's made the German press!

At least I was only over my limit...

As I keep saying - these Germans are bonkers!

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