Friday, April 9, 2010

1 martini, 2 martini, 3 martini, floor

Last night was expats, our monthly get together in Lulu's to drink martinis (other drinks are, of course available) I think I crawled into bed around midnight - just managed to get in before the pumpkin curfew!

It was a good evening as always, although we were only 6 we still managed to make our presence felt, can't let the locals think they're the only nationality here!

For a mixed group we managed to cover a broad spectrum of (I know, and to reduce my credibility further I have to confess that I even voiced concern over Rooney's availability for the upcoming world cup) and we're still plotting a bbq for the Germany-Australia game on June 13th, we figure Jenny (our tame aussie) will want to be surrounded by Brits and Krauts when the Socceroos wup der Mannschaft....we'll even throw some prawns on the barbie!
From footie we progressed via cricket (and the limited possibilities for the playing of the ancient game here in Germany) to Formula One (and the chances (almost none) of Schumi winning anything as opposed to the possibility of him shunting someone off in anger (high)) We laughed at the Virgin team's miscalculation on the petrol tank size (I pointed out that it was surely basic maths that my 12 year old could calculate - how much fuel does the car need for 1 lap? How many laps are there? In fact even Jas could work that out...) and Ian said how impressed he was so far with the Red Bull team's performance to which I said it was really no surprise they were doing well, after all Red Bull gives you wings...Ian nearly fell off his bar stool...

Kamesh has foolishly enlisted Rebecca and my shopping services - he's off to Mumbai again soon with 'work' and so will drop in on his parents and needs a present for mommy dearest, last time he went he asked our advice the night before he flew - we weren't impressed, this time we've 2 weeks or so, good job really as he hasn't a clue as to what we should get, nothing in the textile or jewellery line, not a book either, we suggested something ornamental and that was the only thing that didn't meet with disapproval, so an expensive knick-knacky piece of tat it is then! I'll let you know after Tuesday...

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