Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh George, Where Art Thou?

Had my German lesson today, we took a field trip.

Am still buzzing from it - probably due to the amount of coffee I drank!

You see yesterday I took delivery of my new coffee machine, a Nespresso (hence the George Clooney comment in the title, for those of you who are immune to advertising and to the delectable George's charms, swoon)

Since our week in New York at Easter (did I mention already that we were in Manhattan?!) where our room had a coffee machine that Jasmine (age 8) could work and therefore bring us coffee in bed, I've hankered after a similar machine. A little research amongst friends revealed that the best coffee would be obtained via a Nespresso (the only problem I have with Nespresso is that it's part of the vile Nestlé, but hey, live and live, there's some things a girl shouldn't have to forego, and shoes and good coffee are just a couple of these) I thought about the matter for maybe a week and when Simon expressed no opinion either way I ordered one and 2 days later it was here.

The coffee capsules can be ordered on line or in some shops, but in Düsseldorf, just 30 minutes drive away there's a Nespresso bar, it's so chic and glam and you get free coffee!

We managed to park M's sexy motor right outside the bar, just under George's watchful eye (of course there's a gigantinormous monochrome pic of him in the window, looking all sexy - I mean, if you're paying him squillions to front your brand you'd want him plastered everywhere wouldn't you? Well I know I would) and then found seats inside where we could in turn also keep a watchful eye on the parking situation as we kind of thought it mightn't be a legal parking spot and neither of us is a fan of public transport.

After that the coffee flowed and we tried maybe 4 types of espresso (which would be why my fingers are burning up the keyboard and I'm feeling just a little light headed - I shall get SO much done this afternoon...) without paying a bean (!) for the coffee drunk anyway, I came away with coffee for my new machine as did M, a very successful German lesson methinks.

If only the coffee came with a George too, then it would be truly perfect.

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