Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I think asparagus is something people either like or loathe (a bit like marmite maybe?).

In the UK people view asparagus as just another veggie we can subject to death by boiling.

But in Germany? Of course, they take it seriously, very seriously.

Spargelzeit* is officially upon us now, the supermarkets and the veggie shops are all full of it, the cookshops will be full of the special implements you need to more thoroughly enjoy your asparagus and every restaurant has its own 'spargelmenu' - if ever there was a time for me to stay home and cook it's now, between the April and the end of June, certainly don't want to accept a dinner invitation to a friends and get a plate of hollandaise doused white roots....bleurgh!

According to my German teacher spargel, and whether you've had your first of the season is the hot topic this week, you see the spargel season officially opened this weekend (it's late this year (there have been apologies in the local rag 'n everything) on account of the extra cold winter) and everyone is indulging themselves, apart from me & mine that is, shall be keeping well away from the nasty anaemic sticks (they prefer the white, never seen sunlight, vampiric asparagus here) Even though the price per kilo is more than twice what is was last year (7euro as compared to last year's 3, shock, horror, gasp - inflation eh?!) that won't stop them, although apparently this spargel fest is a relatively new thing, the German's weren't always so obsessed with it, I wonder why they suddenly decided to champion it, I mean I can kind of understand the English obsession with strawberries around Wimbledon, what's not to love about strawberries, but asparagus? It's woody and tastes only of whatever you've smothered it in, whether it's green or white...roll on July!

*= asparagus time

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