Saturday, April 24, 2010


I can't believe it...

It's Saturday morning, the start of the weekend proper - I do start celebrating the weekend on Friday evening or afternoon given half a chance, but Saturday morning waking up without the alarm clock and a wonderfully lazy breakfast is definitely when it feels like the start of the weekend.

And what's more the sun is shining and we have wall to wall blue sky with temperatures to match, bliss.

And it gets better, tomorrow is promised to be more of the same, more blue sky, more sun, more warmth on our skin.

There is something about the sight of the blue sky and bright sun combination that is guaranteed to lift my spirits, I automatically stand taller and feel better when I feel the sun on my skin, just that gentle caress on my arm or my face makes me exhale 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' bliss.

Of course the good weather brings a downside with it - gardening. The non Brits I talk to here, be they German or French seem to be under the misapprehension that all Brits love gardening, I guess it's one of those stereotypes like the Frenchman on his bike with the strings of onions, the German with his bratwurst, and the sexy Italian lover...but the love of gardening is something that has passed me by. My mom is forever in the garden (shame she doesn't live closer eh?) as is my father in law...and when they visit they're full of helpful suggestions and tips, but to be honest all we want is a garden that is self maintaining, where no weeds grow, where the grass is uniformly green (have to get rid of the dog then) and where beautiful flowers grow. The problem is that all that takes time and effort and money. It's such a hassle, Simon's just finished mowing the lawn and so now I need to go and plant some stuff, maybe then I can take a book and sit in the sun on my (cleaned yesterday of all the winter's debris and birdshit) deck, without feeling guilty!

The other good thing about the lovely weather is the barbeque season starts up, so that's me not having to cook a Sunday roast for the next x months! We have an invite for tomorrow so it just gets better, all I need to do is make a pasta salad and get myself and the family around the corner, perfect, there might even be Pimms on offer!


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