Monday, March 29, 2010

So long, farewell, auf wiedesehen, goodbye

Don't panic!

It's only auf wiedersehen (which means until we see each other again)

I'm off for a whole week (8 days actually) to New York (New York, so good they named it twice)

I have the whole itinerary planned...although some might change - other things are fixed, 'cos I got the tickets sorted out on Friday (isn't the internet a wonderful thing?)

So there's a bike tour of Central Park on Simon's birthday, shopping, the Empire State Building, shopping, Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, shopping, lots of museums, did I mention shopping? And a BIG surprise for Simon, but I can't tell you 'cos he reads this sometimes and I do want it to be a good present -it's very hard to find fun things to give him, but I think I've pulled it off this year!!

So, be good while I'm away & I promise not to bore you with ALL my holiday pics when I'm back.

Have a nice day!

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