Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's on!

I'm so excited - do you know that song?

It's my Ohrwurm* today, I've spent the morning grinning to myself and singing this song (in my head clearly, otherwise the Germans would lock me up and throw away the key - you can't look happy and sing out loud (unless you're in church) completely verboten here in the land where ernst** rules)

My friend, who a couple of weeks ago told me she was probably going to get married this year, sent me a text at the weekend with the 3 dates they were considering, asking could we make them.
I sent back immediately
- do you think that was clear enough?
So last night I rang her, and we were in girlie heaven for the duration of the call as she confirmed the date and then we got chatting about the wedding.
Oh the beauty of the internet & google, we're miles and miles apart and yet can discuss the ins and outs of wedding reception venues, wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, fascinators*** and everything inbetween.
Pure heaven!
There are some godawful ugly dresses around, especially for bridesmaids, which led to the discussion as to why you would want to put your bridesmaid into something so revolting (honestly, one of the dresses was black and one looked like something you'd put a heavily pregnant bridesmaid in) - but as I pointed out to Jacky, when you're the bride and it's your big day, the last thing you want is to be outshone by your friends, little flower girls is a different matter but the bigger bridesmaids? No way!

So today as I wandered around the shops I kept an eye out for possible dresses for me to wear to the wedding, and I saw something too! But maybe March is a bit too early to be buying a frock for a late August wedding? I shall have to get shoes too, despite my darling mother saying that I have some lovely sandals I could wear....
This is me we're talking about, here I am with a cast iron excuse for the purchasing of a whole new outfit and she's suggesting I wear some year old shoes?
Crazy woman, you'd think she'd know me better than that!
I mean, I haven't been to a wedding since the year Jas was born and that was just 3 months after the birth, and even then I managed a whole new outfit and shoes, no hat though (gave up on wearing hats to do's after I cut all my hair off, short hair + hat = hathair & I'm sorry but you just can't get down and boogie with a hat on can you. Which brings a delicious thought to me, I shall be able to thoroughly embarrass both my children at the wedding - Jas hates me dancing even within the confines of my own kitchen & Ben is at the age where anything that his parents do is embarassing!)

I'm so excited!

*literal translation = ear worm, there is no snappy English saying, what we tend to say (well what I say) it that there's a particular song going around and around in my head - it's usually something mindnumbing from a kid's TV programme or a song Jas is learning for the school choir...

**ernst = serious

***a kind of hairband cum feather/corsage for those who don't want to wear a hat but don't want to be bare headed

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