Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fur coat and no knickers*

Where's the spring gone?

We had a little taste of it, nature certainly thinks it's on the cards - snowdrops & crocuses all appearing, my bulbs are starting to show their wary heads, sunshine and blue skies and then yesterday snow.

I thought at first I was imagining it but no. It got heavier and heavier and admittedly it had been a bit parky when I'd been out at 8am for a run but that's to be expected in March. But snow? Not funny. I'd even been toying with the idea of putting away the heavier winter coats...ha!

Should have kept that thought hidden where the weather gods couldn't hear it.

The Germans seem to love the cold weather, it means they can keep on wearing their dead animals...

There are so many fur coats around here and they're all, without exception, ugly.

I can understand the reason people wear fur but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

It does get cold here, not really, really cold, but probably as cold as it gets in this part of Germany, we're talking minus 6, minus can tell when it's cold (apart from the fact that things freeze and you don't actually feel very warm) all the fur coats come out.

I spent the first 40 or so years of my life living in England, which is very PC**, the only fur you see on the streets is either fake or still being worn by its rightful owner, so it was quite...shocking to see fur being paraded around as soon as the temperature dropped. I've heard the arguments from various (non German) friends about the pro's of fur (it's so warm and so light) but I'm sorry, no. It just doesn't seem right, and many of them are downright ugly, making the women (have yet to see a man wearing fur) wearing them look older than their years and way fatter than they really are.

I've been surreptitiously taking photos of these fur wearers, so that you can see what I mean, personally I think they'd look much better on the living animal.

Hopefully it really will be spring soon and these monstrosities can be packed away in their wardrboes for another year before coming out to haunt me again next winter!

** politically correct

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