Friday, March 19, 2010

Good day Bad day?

Trying to weigh up Thursday,

Was it ultimately good or bad?

  • Woke up at 4am for some stupid reason and took a while to get back to sleep - BAD
  • Had only just arisen from my pit when Si rang from Tasmania (the last I heard he was in Adelaide...) - GOOD
  • Checked email while eating breakfast & discovered a not very nice message from Larissa the loopy Latvian cleaner - BAD
  • Walked the dog early (730 is early in my book) and it felt like spring, all blue sky, sun and warm air, bliss - GOOD
  • Pilates with Frau Qual, and some new instruments of torture, nasty stretchy band things and the hoop of hell, my shoulders are going to hate me tomorrow - BAD (but in a good, masochistic way)
  • German lesson wasn't too demoralising & gave M a good laugh with the email from crazy Latvian - GOOD
  • My bargain tunic from Tchibo gets mistaken for an expensive Marco Polo dress - GOOD
  • Composed and sent response to Larissa, telling her the facts and that I didn't need her 'services' any longer - have been trying to think of a way of doing this for some time & her email was the final straw - GOOD
  • Visited a Nachhilfe* place in Kettwig with Jas and signed her up for 2 sessions of extra maths per week, this is to try to prevent her being kept back a year because she doesn't 'get' maths - GOOD
  • Had 3 emails from loopy Latvian, generally cussing me to hell and back, highly entertaining - GOOD
  • Need tofind a new cleaner - BAD
  • Had Sunday's blissful yoga class moved to Saturday which is a no can do - BAD
  • It's nearly the weekend = no having to get up at the ungodly 625 - GOOD
Looks like the good outweighs the bad.

I hereby declare Thursday to have been a GOOD day!

* Nachhilfe is a bit of a German institution here, it means 'after help' and is like private tuition or extra classes outside of school usually, I think it's so popular because the schooling system is...flawed

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