Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I had a great chat with my little brother last night.

It's not something that happens all that often as he lives in Libya, pumping oil or something. Normally we just make do with throwing sarky comments at each others facebook walls and occasionally catching each other on line at the same time we might actually converse via the keyboard - we're both way to idle to skype!

At the moment though he's in the UK for some r&r, although he seems to be taking it to extreme measures if you ask me.
Not only has he left the heat of Libya (that must be the only thing it has going for it) and gone to England for 2 weeks (wet and windy spring) but later this week, after checking in with the parentals, he's off on a retreat for 10 days...my brother on a retreat!
It's quite the most bizarre idea. His wife goes on these things regularly, she's Budhist and it fits in with her way of dealing with the world.
But my little bro?!
On this retreat there will be lots and lots of meditation and no going outside and no exercise and so I'm assuming no alcohol...
My brother did a full ironman competition last year (and was intending to do another this year but his training plan got wrecked when he knackered his knee) he'll knock out a 10k run without even thinking about it, so 10 days with no exercise could just be the end of him, and as for the lack of alcohol...when he visits here he drinks me out of house and home...10 days and no booze? His liver will be happy!

When asked 'why' Ed says he's treating these 10 days as an ironman for the mind...

So back to the phonecall I had with my little bro, he was trying to convince me that according to NASA days are now shorter by 0.0000000000000003 seconds (there mightn't be the right amount of noughts, he told me to google it, I said I have a life (actually that's a lie, I said that my time would be better spent reading up on the day's gossip on heatworld.co.uk)) and the reason the days are now shorter? Because of the earthquake in Chile, he reckons it knocked the earth off its axis. I still don't believe him, I grew up with him and I know what an outrageous liar he can be!

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