Monday, March 22, 2010

One extreme to another

My Sunday started well, managed not to get out of bed until 7.30, I'd have slept longer (as the children had been threatened with loss of a limb if they woke me) but Simon thoughtfully called from Kuala Lumper, I complained that he'd woken me & he expressed surprise that I was still in bed. Reminded him that it was only 7.30 on a Sunday...just because he's swanning around in 30 + degrees of sunshine, sightseeing, doesnot mean that I have to be awake and sharing his joy.

One cup of tea later (essential, nothing functions without this) and then I had to go to the bakers as elder child refused point blank to go (need to work on the bribery there methinks, maybe I can link it to the earning of pocket money?)

After a quick croissant I dragged the dog round the woods (again, elder child will do this but he will only go round the block, which is OK if I'm planning to go again later but for the main walk of the day? No)

Then came yoga - 90 mins of blissful stretching - and a lot of wobbling in the class in D'dorf with the American ex dancer turned yoga teacher, who is very good and has enviable flexibilty and is very...toned (probably a good job he's gay) People often joke about yoga being lots of waving of arms and poo poo it as exercise. They should try a 90 minute session with John. Afterwards both Rebecca and I had wobbly legs and wished we could get a taxi from the gym to where the car was parked, just 100 metres away!

After a quick shower it was then a quicker dash (it was raining and I'd been promised a drink) round to the Warburtons for proper Sunday lunch, which Sam (bless him) had slaved over all morning while we were 'waving our arms about' in yoga.
It started perfectly with an aperitif of aperol and sekt, followed by roast pork & tatties, creamed leeks (yum yum) and veggies - Sam's a good cook, had even perfected the crackling on the pork - so perfectly crunchy! And of course there was lashings of white wine to wash it down with. The pudding was provided by yours truly, a German recipe - a so called 'apple cake' that I slaved over (not) for hours and hours yesterday, it's very much an apple pie but Germans don't seem to do pastry items like the Brits do (made mince pies for some pre Christmas thing and they were like 'how did you make these?' 'by hand?' - weird) cake to me is fluffy and airy, while pie is more solid with a pastry top and bottom - whatever, it's very nice (if I say so myself) but serve it in the UK and call it cake and you'll be done under the trade description act I'm sure.

The finale to the day was coming home to help Jas with the German homework she didn't want to do this, German grammar after half a bottle of French wine...the perfect end to a relaxing Sunday....NOT!
At least I'd had the forethought to do my German between croissant and walkies and before the white wine, ahhh, the advantages of age & experience!

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