Tuesday, December 8, 2009

rain rain go away

and I shan't add the next line of 'and come again another day', 'cos I don't want it now and I really don't want it another day.

Enough already!!

It seemed to me that it rained all of November and now December looks set to carry on the trend.
Germans like to remark to us Brits that we should be used to this 'English weather' - a comment that doesn't go down well.
And then we have to put up with Aussie friends whining about the grey sky, but that we (Brits) should be used to it...
That's as maybe, but it doesn't mean we have to like it or even that we're used to it.
We're all just sick of it. Where are the crisp frosts and blue skies of winter? Why do we have to have this godawful wet all the time?

There are only a few good things about the rainy weather (that I can think of anyway)
  • my car looks clean (ish)
  • the reservoirs are full to overflowing
  • umbrella sales are up (I would imagine)

Let's compare that list with the bad things (imho) about this crappy crappy wetness
  • my house smells permanently of wet dog
  • I get pleading phone calls from 12 year old asking to be collected from school
  • the pond under the trampoline is in danger of becoming a permanent fixture, maybe we should get fish?
  • plans to go out have to be subject to change, you can't rely on the weather forecast
  • the river is soon to burst its banks - will confuse the dog (not that that's hard)
  • there are always wet coats and umbrellas drying somewhere in the house
  • the Christmas markets don't have quite the same charm in the pouring rain as they do on a cold frosty day
  • it's depressing
I've been given a 'recipe' for an anti-rain dance...I might have to use it!

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