Sunday, December 20, 2009


Yesterday was Rebecca's 40th birthday party, and boy did we have fun, despite the snow and frigid conditions outside, inside Lulu's it was warm and cosy, great food, great company, great music and lots of alcohol.

We'd gone down to Lulu's earlier with a canister of helium and lots of deep purple and silver balloons to decorate the bar. Lulu's decor is dark pink and purple and gold (what do you expect from a bar run by 2 women (a Texan and a Mancunian) - it was never going to be a dark and dingy dive was it?) with chandeliers, with the addition of floating balloons the bar became party central.
Now I'm not saying that Germans don't know how to throw a party but getting hold of helium filled balloons here is like trying to score coke (not that I've tried...honest dad, I haven't) I resorted to my usual backstop - Muna, my amazing German teacher, she can source anything I'm convinced! Helium - check, Turkish delight (that's for you dad) - check, lamb for roasting - check, a company to service my boiler just before Christmas - check, Pimms - check, she truly is my knight in shining armour.

So the helium balloons were a huge success - the bar want to know where we got them from as they love the effect and want to recreate it for Silvester (New Year's Eve, not a cat - don't think a cat would appreciate the balloons, Logan certainly didn't) and a German lady asked me where we'd got the helium from - good business opportunity maybe - party's a huge business in the UK, but

Of course at the end of the night the balloons had another use...grown adults, fuelled by several hours drinking inhaling helium to sing happy birthday (again) to Rebecca in the style of Minnie Mouse...we're all just kids at heart.

Happy birthday Rebecca.

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