Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Calm down, drama averted

Almost a major drama today.

Averted only by my dear darling Simon, a true knight in shining armour - although he did have an ulterior motive!

But I digress, first the back story...

Today is the last at school (finally) before 2 weeks of lie-ins for Christmas.
Jas went off at 7.35 and then we had to be at school for 'adventsingen' (school singing of Christmas songs, I don't think they were carols per se - not as we know them anyway) this was lovely, Jas has the music teacher for her class teacher this year and next and so is becoming more involved in all things musical, which is a good thing (as long as she doesn't decide she wants to take up the violin, the drums or the harp - nice sound, huge instrument to lug about) as Jas seems to have inherited the Evans' musical gene (Si's parents are VERY musical) I wouldn't describe my side of the family as 'musical' as such, although my dad has a very good ear (I think that's the phrase - I'm sure to be corrected if it isn't!)

So, adventsingen, very pleasant, and then up to the music room (which Herr Bartnizky (music teacher) clearly treats as his 2nd classroom) for the full performance of the Emperor's New Clothes, we saw the 1st half at the Laternefest (see December 2) but today was the full thing.
And very entertaining it was too, complete this time with Jas as the child who points out that the Emperor (or rather the Kaiser in this particular version) is actually not wearing any clothes, she made us proud!

Anyway, the drama...we'd just taken our seats for the performance, I took my gloves off and noticed my engagement ring catch on the lining of the glove, I turned the ring round and noticed that emerald from the centre was missing.....aaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Simon and I have been married 20 years this year, and I've been wearing that ring ever since the it means a lot, to say the least.

I kept my calm and felt in the glove, no, no emerald there.
Pocket? No, no emerald there.
Floor at my feet? Still no missing emerald.
When the performance was over I took the opportunity to look further in the room (although it was unlikely as I'd had my gloves on when we entered the room) still no emerald.

I waited until we got home to tell Simon the bad news, he took it well surprisingly and then asked when I'd noticed it missing. So I said in the school, but added that I'd felt my ring snag on my clothing earlier, while I was still in the house, so we started searching...I went straight upstairs where I thought I remembered it catching, no emerald, but then I heard a shout from downstairs - Si had found it!

It's here now, staring at me from the piece of card I've sellotaped it to for safe keeping, until after the holidays and I can get it into a jewelers and get it fixed.

Phew, am calm again now! Can relax and enjoy Christmas - when I've iced the cake and made the stuffing and collected the turkey and prepped the veggies and and and....

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