Monday, December 14, 2009


The house is ready for Santa (...except I've just realised that the children need to put the sign up to say 'Santa please stop here')

The tree is up and decorated, there is tinsel wherever I can stick it, poinsettia ditto, Adventskranz has been in situ since the 1st of advent (well duh!), pretty lights in windows...have I missed anything? I don't bother with a wreath on the front door as no-one really uses our front door, because it's at the back...and as I'm usually in the kitchen (big, un-german kitchen, with comfy chair and laptop and easy access to coffee and snacks) I usually see anyone coming to the house as they come through the gate (a necessity with a large and stupid dog - the gate that is, not the seeing of people)

We got the tree on Saturday, went to the local place where you can cut your own if you really want to (they give you a saw...) The place was rammed, it seems like every weekend in December some local company has a 'do' on there, so there were cars parked all the way up and down the hill, but once there I guess the place is big enough so that it wasn't too crowded, spotted the perfect tree straight away and refused to look further - after 20 years of marriage and so 20 years of choosing trees I think we've learnt from our mistakes, if you see one that looks right take it - I remember the years of walking around the Chase Xmas tree sale and Si hankering after the tree someone else was holding tree sorted then lunch in the barn attached, hot chocolate and bockwurst for me, coke and what I think looked like hot snot for Si...

We got the tree home to find our neighbours returning from a similar expedition, except they were empty handed...she said they couldn't find one they agreed is that possible? I just don't understand...unless they wanted one that wasn't green maybe?

Well they've got 13 days before they need it as they wont be putting their tree up until Christmas Eve, in true German style.

Am planning to tackle the wrapping of presents tonight once the children are asleep, only then will I know for sure that I have everything...wish me luck!

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