Sunday, December 13, 2009

Now bring us some figgy pudding

Last night was a really festive affair.

Friends of ours, Jenny & Chris, are VERY musical, she teaches and he's an opera singer by profession in Nurnberg - anyway they try every year to organise a carol singing evening. This involves food and wine and lots of carol singing, the proper English carols - everything from Silent Night (we did 1 verse in German) to We Three Kings, in fact if you can think of a carol we probably sang it last night!

It was so much fun, there's something about singing carols that just makes you smile, although I did feel that I should be standing up in a red choir robe (mispent youth as a choirister, you see, we used to love going from the pub to Midnight Mass, and sitting innocently in the front choir pews, breathing cinzano fumes over the front row, singing the soaring descants - just wish I could still reach those notes!)

We were a mixed group last night - 2 Aussies (the hosts), 1 Indian, 1 Yank, 1 Canadian, 1 Argentinian/German, 2 Mexican/Indian, 2 German & 5 Brits + assorted children. So there was some debate over the wording of some carols and 'figgy' pudding certainly needed explaining!

The highlight was possibly 'the 12 days of Christmas', with each of us being given the responsibility for a specific line, I got 2 turtle doves & poor Simon got 5 gold rings & had to big it up...I wish I'd video'd it, his parents would have been proud!!

So thanks to Jenny and Chris, they had us all rocking around the Christmas tree last night!

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