Monday, December 28, 2009

circle the wagons - the outlaws are coming

Today my parents go home after spending 1 week with us.

We have a quick change about as tomorrow we have a new set of visitors, Si's parents (otherwise known as 'the outlaws' - a silly little pun (for those of you to whom English isn't your 1st language) on the fact that they're my 'inlaws' - related to me by law and not blood)

It's one of the good and bad things about living such a distance away from family and old friends (although I think myself lucky that my loved ones are only an hour and a cheap flight away, whereas for my Aussie and American friends here, their nearest and dearest are furthest and certainly dearest) when we have visitors they tend to come for a week or at the very least a long weekend, which makes the visits more relaxing as there is more time to do nothing in...more time to sit about and drink wine, chew the fat, watch crappy tv (especially at Christmas) eat cake - you get the picture.
When we still lived in England, visits to and from family usually consisted of a half day trip, maybe once a month for dinner or something similar, now the visits are longer and more valuable for their scarcity.

So, my parents arrived to snow and will get back to England expecting more snow there, but in the meantime they've walked Logan most days, been to the Christmas market, had waffles and coffee at Lulu's, watched Jasmine being 3rd shepherd in the church nativity and been woken at 7am on Christmas day but other than that I hope they've had a relaxing and enjoyable time. They're back here in July when my crazy (as a fruit loop) brother is over from Libya to take part in a triathlon in Roth (it's somewhere in Germany) so for 1 weekend and 1 weekend only (much to Simon's relief) the original (often copied, never bettered) Walford clan will be reunited, I better start stockpiling the wine and the beer...

And in the meantime I have the bittersweet sadness of goodbye and a day's respite before the Evans' invasion!

need for careful editing due to people reading about themselves

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