Monday, December 21, 2009

Oops, I spoke too soon!

OK. Hands up. I confess. I was wrong. Satisfied?

Yesterday it snowed, snow on snow, as that line from 'in the bleak mid winter' goes - all day.

I kept waiting for it to stop, or at the very least to get a little less, but no. It snowed and then it snowed some more and to make matters worse it was windy, so the damn snow drifted against the doors.

I got Si to do the breakfast run to the bakery for croissants (he has the Audi quattro, I don't & there's no way I'm going to start driving that huge tank either) and then I persuaded him to take Jenny & co to the station for their train (after we'd managed to get her children thoroughly soaked through by sledging - not a sport Aussies are used to).
You're probably reading this thinking to yourself that I'm a right lazy cow - but there is a good reason - we live at the top of a hill and the roads on a snowy Sunday are...interesting. I can drive in snow, but Simon enjoys the challenge of driving in snow (he slides the car into and around corners - under control of course, but passing pedestrians don't realise that!) so if I can get him to do the running about then why not?

With it being Sunday there was much less traffic than usual and as it was almost a blizzard as well people had even less desire to go out, consequently the roads were all deep with snow. Si and Ben wanted to go to the cinema in Düsseldorf, got to the motorway, saw it was very slow moving traffic and came home.

Jas and I were supposed to go to the theatre in Essen with her class, I decided not to (we stayed in and watched a Zac Efron movie and ate lots of chocolate - way better IMHO than risking life and limb in the snow to see 'die kleine Hexe')

Düsseldorf airport was shut - ALL DAY.

So I may have been smug about how well Germany copes in the snow when compared to the UK, but yesterday the world here ground to a halt and I'm so glad that the snow eventually stopped and life could start again today!

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