Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As most people who know me well can confirm, I love shoes. I have quite a few (I refuse to name numbers here in public, "my name is Verena and I own xyz pirs of shoes".
No. Simon reads this from time to time and although he probably suspects the truth, I would imagine that ignorance is better than the harsh reality of my shoe fetish) they're in their boxes in big pulley out drawers under the bed (twice over hidden from view) in their boxes stacked (oh yeah) on top of the wardrobe and some are even inside the wardrobe.

The reason I have so many is two-fold, (or maybe three-fold)
1. I don't throw them away until they're dead (I still have the shoes I wore to my wedding 22 years ago, although they've not been worn much & I still have the, oh so cute, little kitten heeled fuschia trimmed with purple mules I wore to SIL's wedding (the best part of my outfit, seeing as I'd only given birth 2 months prior and was still breast feeding))
2. I love shoes.

Unfortunately, over the last couple of years my feet have decided to be 'sensible' and get all hurty if I try to wear anything too high (so my 40th birthday Ginas languish in their box) or if the shoe presses too much over my big toe joint (don't you just hate getting old? Why didn't I appreciate my body more when it was younger and less fickle?) consequently many of my pairs of shoes should go to their maker as they will never be worn again, but a part of me keeps hoping to wear them again...

I currently have a shoe dilemma.

I have a wedding to go to in August (I've mentioned it before so I wont bore you with just how excited I am about it & it's not just because I haven't been to a wedding for aeons) and I want to look my best, it's now possible that I might have to do a reading (gulp) so I really, really want to look my best.

I have the dress (maxi & totally gorgeous, a little Missoni-esque in the fabric pattern) I have the accessories (although I might need a little pochette kind of bag...still thinking about that one, I tend to use Si's pockets if I don't want to carry a bag but he might complain at being laden down with lipstick, camera, confetti, tissues...) and I thought I had the shoes, but now I'm not sure.

I had an idea in my head about what I needed & the little strappy silver beaded ones with ankle ties do tick all my boxes but they don't quite look right. The pewtery/bronze pair that are simpler look better colourwise but are a bit too...simple.

See what I mean?

Good job the wedding's at the end of August eh?

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