Thursday, June 24, 2010

A bad night

I slept so badly last night, it needed more than 1 cup of tea to turn me from a zombie into a part way functioning human bean, to be honest it always takes more than 1 cup of tea (usually 2) but today the 1 cup had no effect whatsoever and so I went straight for the coffee, bypassing the 2nd cuppa.

I think my poor sleep was due to several factors;

- the heat
- the world cup/Germans
- yoga
- mice/Hermione Granger

The Heat - we're in full on summer mode here now, having to water the lawn to stop it becoming a mini Sahara, sitting inside in the shade, children demanding ice creams and getting away with it, I'm not complaining (wouldn't dare) but our house is very good at retaining heat (perfect for winter) and so our bedrooms can be rather warm in the height of summer (an issue soon to be remedied, we hope, when we get external roller shutters fitted - hopefully before the summer is completely past)

The world cup - England won their game and went through - big cheers all round and so did Germany - more cheers, in fact lots and lots and lots more cheers and beeping of horns and general driving around causing a ruckus until goodness knows when - at least this time they weren't still partying hard at 8am like after their thorough wupping of the aussies.

Yoga - the new yoga class is very good and it was made especially so because there were just 3 of us (plus teacher) there, the others wanting to watch the footie. This meant we had personal attention, which is good in that our poses were perfect but bad in that the teacher must be related to my previous pilates teacher who clearly had a qualification in torture. Legs were straightend, feet were pushed against, pelvis's nudged and arms encouraged to stretch that little bit further. As I said, it was very good and by the end I felt very long and reasonably relaxed, however my body wasn't as relaxed as my mind and was very twitchy.

Mice & Hermione - I woke up around 4am and really struggled to get back to sleep, when I did I dreamt there was a mouse in my bed, it had a mouse hole right where the mattress met the brick wall (there's actually a wooden bedhead between my mattress and the plaster of my bedroom wall, but this was a dream so anything goes) and then I was chatting to someone (no idea who & I think this must have been a different dream because I wasn't still in bed - that'd be just weird) about how Germans love to wear Burberry - thinking nothing of wearing a whole outfit of beige check, but in the UK that same expensive beige check has become synonymous with chavs, then I discovered the person overhearing my comments was none other than Emma Watson, the face of Burberry, oops.

All in all not a great night's sleep, maybe I'll do better tonight, at least there isn't a German footie game on and I have no yoga planned, that still leaves the heat of summer and whatever my imagination will present me with...

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