Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Dead Day!

Today's a bank holiday (one of the many in May/June) it's Fronleichnam (corpus christi to the English speaking world) which I like to loosely translate as happy dead day (froh = happy, leichnam = corpse, I'm sure you can see where I'm coming from)

Summer has thoughtfully returned and so today is being spent lounging around declaring it to be to hot to do anything other than drink cold drinks, eat ice cream and consider bbq-ing...except we can't today as we don't have anything to bbq and as it's a bank holiday all the shops are shut.

Can't even do anything useful like mow the lawn or hoover (shudder) seeing as one has to be quiet on a bank holiday, so it's back to sitting in the sun (shade actually, it's too hot in the sun) reading Heat and Grazia that Si so thoughtfully brought back from Heathrow T5 yesterday (after I'd texted him to remind him of my shopping requirements that is) Arduous and noisy tasks like that will just have to wait till the morrow.

Something I do feel the need to share with you before I go back to my comfy seat outside...there's a small, neat apartment block of 6 wohnungs (wohnungen?) about 40-50 metres away from my house (I will wait to be corrected about my judgement of the distance by Simon, as I have no depth perception whatsoever and consequently have no idea how far away things actually are - pouring wine is not something that should be left to me, and as for parallel parking - maybe in a parallel universe) Each of these has a small private balcony and this morning around 11 I watched a guy in red shorts set up his lounger, with a towel (snigger) and then settle himself on said towel but only after removing his shorts.

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