Monday, May 31, 2010

Eating my words

Germany won.

Correction, Germany won by a mile and the UK came last...

And there I was last week saying how neither country would win the Eurovision Song Contest because no-one would ever vote for either country unless the song was amazingly good.

My reasoning was sound (in my mind anyway) viewers vote for music they like and people they like - this tends to be neighbouring countries because they don't share just current borders but also history. The United Kingdom has no real neighbours, well there's Ireland...and I can quite understand them not wanting to vote for the UK, and then you have to cross the France - so not Anglophiles.

Billy no mates, that's the UK, and boy on Saturday night did that show through.

Even the French entry, whose only lyrical content seemed to be 'olé' & 'olly' scored 82 points, finishing in 12th and Russia whose song was a depressing dirge scored 90 points, finishing 1 place ahead of France in 11th - but then that bumper crop of points would be thanks to their 'friends' Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia, Turkey & the Ukraine, with friends like these who needs enemies eh?

Maybe we (the UK) take it all a bit too seriously?

The German entry has been declared to be;
"the first contemporary pop hit Eurovision has produced in decades"
and went straight to number 1 in the singles chart here becoming Germany's fastest selling digital download EVER. It has also reached number 2 in Austria and Switzerland, no doubt world domination will follow (I'm sure Germany's tried that before).

It is a hideously catchy song, only last week it was stuck inside my head ALL day & only burrowed its way out and into my pillow when I went to sleep, I can't tell you the relief when I woke up the following morning to a Satelllite free head - bliss. Lena herself, is a sweet 19 year old who apparently has no desire to continue in a pop career but wants to be an actress (this is btw legitimate gossip - garnered from her aunt, not just idle tittle tattle from some gossip rag - do you honestly think I would read such things?) whether she'll change her mind now that she's a huge European success remains to be seen.

On the positive side, afterall, every cloud has a silver lining, this does mean that the whole Eurovision circus will be here in Germany next year - I wonder if there's a chance it will be in Düsseldorf or Köln, in which case I should be wanting to go, but I guess it'll be in Berlin, so I'll have to make do with bitching from the sofa again!

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