Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm bored!

My son became a proper teen a month ago and with that has come the full on teen attitude, lots of moody staring, lots of moody stomping, mild agressive tendencies that may be fine when used against another male teen but against me? I don't think so. And then there's the "I'm bored".

Boredness seems to be the default mood for teens, the 'go to' whenever there is nothing happening (that they like). He's slowly driving me nuts with his constant refrain and I'm toying with the idea of fining him for every utterence - the problem with that is that he's such a hoarder of cash (he usually has more in his wallet than I do) that it would be some while before he noticed the impact...

There is something quite amusing about this 'boredness' though, here's a recent telephone conversation between Ben and his friend Juli (full name Julian - pronounced as if spellt with a Y, therefore his nickname sounds like Yulli & not Julie as I'm sooooooooooooo tempted to call him);

Ben: hello
Juli: hello
Ben: what'll we do?
Juli: dunno, what d'you wanna do?
Ben: dunno, what d'you wanna do?
Juli: dunno, what d'you wanna do?
Ben: shall we call Timo? (another male teen)
Juli: 'kay
Ben: you call him.
Juli: you call.

and so on...

Prior to this conversation Ben had been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored that he'd tried out the 'vacu-vin' - on his face - unbeknown to us. He asked me what the mark was on his chin, I stared and suggested maybe ink (it was a bit bluey/purpley) adn he should wash his face. He did but the mark remained, I then noticed another, similar mark on his cheek next to his nose and so I asked what he'd done and he confessed.

It took the whole weekend to get a photo of it, 'cos he knew what I'd do with such a photo, so my thanks to Simon for catching Ben unawares!

However, I'm not allowed to publish it here, so if you want to know what a moody teen looka like after he's vacu-vin'd his chin let me know & I'll send you the pic!!

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