Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm angry and I need to vent my anger and frustration and it's better that I do it here than in front of my children, so if you're currently in a happy place and don't want to have my spleen impacting on your pretty aura you'd maybe better go read something else....

The German school system sucks.

It truly, truly sucks.

The only thing, in my eyes that is keeping it propped up and turning out halfway decently educated people is the fact that parents pay an arm and a leg in 'nachhilfe' (private tuition) and the fact that kids don't leave school till they're 19 (although that maybe goes someway towards making up for the fact that they don't start till they're 6) and the fact that a standard university education is 4 years minimum...

So what's my gripe? I have many, shall I list some of them for you?

- there is no system of supply teachers to stand in for those sick or absent on a course, usually there's a gap in the timetable with no work done (Ben in almost 1 school year has done only half his physics lessons as the teacher broke her leg and couldn't get to school) sometimes the kids are just sent home (yeah, even primary aged children)
- the school will change the timetable, completely, halfway through the year, so you could find yourself unable to do the courses/classes you've already paid for if your child now has no first lesson/finishes school at 11.30
- you are more than likely to find out about a no school day (the teachers want to get together to discuss the upcoming school reports/go on training) just a week before the event

What's wound me up today is a new twist on the timetable/schoolfree thing. Apparently on Thursday the first 2 lessons are some sport thing, I probably knew about it but paid no attention as Jas wont be able to participate as she has a broken arm. Her teacher has told her to stay home, miss the 1st 2 lessons and go in for the 3rd (10am) - he says she has to either participate or stay away. HELLO? It's not like she's choosing to skive it, she has a broken arm for ***** sake, why can't she just watch? But no, let's make her feel even more awkward and left out and make her stay home. Thanks.

I probably wouldn't be taking this quite so badly were it not for the fact that we're currently debating whether to keep Jas back a year as the school are suggesting we do, if we ignore their advice and go against them then I can imagine them using that decision against us in the future, but it's a hard and painful choice...

OK, vent over, I'm still simmering but I've calmed down a tad! Thank you for listening!

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