Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is possibly my favourite German word.

Ohr = ear
Wurm = worm

I don't think there is an equivalent in English.
It's a word used to describe those irritating songs that get into your head and play nonstop until you feel like pulling your brain out through your ears with a fishing hook...I may have exaggerated...

Currently playing in my head (and it's my own fault entirely) is the German Eurovision entry by Lena Meyer-Landrut, called Satellite. I was playing it for B&J at breakfast so that they could hear an example how English shouldn't be ennunciated, Lena sings in English and I have to concentrate to understand her, this doesn't stop it being a very catchy little tune that is currently burrowing deep into my head.

I'm told by one source that Lena's singing coach taught her to sing in exactly that manner, à la Kate Nash (except Kate does the accent naturally) - why anyone would want to deliberately learn to speak English with a Cockney-esque accent is beyond me.

And I'm told by another source (aged 9) that Lena is related to a boy in their class - apparently Toby's father's dad has another son and this son has Lena for a daughter...this explanation was given, as I said by a 9 year old, in German, and I'm guessing that Toby and Lena are cousins...fortunately I know the mother (of Toby, not Lena) so I shall be sure to check this fact!

None of this alters the fact that despite having a catchy little ditty for an entry, Germany wont win the Eurovision song contest, and neither will the UK. Seeing as both countries are billy-no-mates, due to one having a bit of a reputation for war mongering and the other being a trumped up little island that thinks it rules the waves, that and the fact the baltic states all stick together - none of this will stop me watching the whole thing come May 29 though, I love a bit of cheese me!

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