Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thoughts of blighty

I had a lovely girlie weekend with my friend Alison (thank Al for the fab b&b service), rather than bore you with a blow by blow of what we got up to I thought I'd share the things that struck me while I was back in England...

  • despite the imminent General Election there was not a single election poster on a lamp post to be seen (unlike here where they're EVERYWHERE) apparently they've been banned
  • there seemed to be more traffic wardens sneaking around than shoppers, I thought I was going crazy
  • high school boys seem to have short hair in the UK, whereas here sometimes it's hard to tell the boys from the girls
  • the weather is just as crappy as it ever was (just like here)
  • Marks and Spencers....what has happened? It's CRAP, they must have new management/designers or something, everything was bleurgh and then we took a good hard look at the clientele - and ran for it before our hair took on a blue tinge
  • roadworks, still coning off roads unnecessarily and slowing everyone down to 30mph despite there being no work going on and it being a bank holiday weekend
  • take out curry...bliss in a plastic, microwavable container, and so much choice
  • Birmingham Airport still doesn't allow cars to drop off passengers near the terminal, unlike pretty much all other major airports - why do they think they're so special?
  • Boots the Chemist, where you can buy ALL your toiletry needs from nail varnish and depilator cream to extra strength aspirin and water purifying tablets, without a gestapo style interrogation from a pharmacist
  • Cadbury chocolate, fruit pastilles and maltesers - all easily purchased = happy children
  • cinema, where every single film was in its original language, shame there was nothing really on that I wanted to see!
  • a window cleaner working on a bank holiday - unheard of here and probably against the law to boot
It's good to be home.

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