Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Snaps 16

Last night I was out!

And I wasn't in a bar, oh no, I was at the Fringe Festival in Recklinghausen about 40 minutes up the Autobahn from here.

I'm there again tonight watching The Tempest (directed by Mr Sam Mendes himself) - dead cultured me eh?
This Festival happens every year and every year there's a fair bit of English theatre involved so I'm getting a years dollop of culture in a 2 week period!

So to last night, we (Muna, Rebecca & I) were in the foyer of a big bank (a bizarre location) to see a performance by 'Our Lady J', who we'd read the reviews for (the love child of Madonna and Meatloaf) but still had not quite expected the glamorous 6 foot plus (including 3 inch heels) sexy transexual who strutted down the aisle to the stage to spend an hour with her 2 (teeny, tiny) male backing singers belting out alternative gospel (gospel for the godless she calls it) It was great fun, although possibly not quite what the rest of the audience (grey haired locals who were probably expecting 'proper' gospel) anticipated - there were 2 little old ladies whispering to each other after one line included the word 'slut' - maybe not a part of their English vocab?

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