Friday, May 7, 2010

The Big Challenge

Ben has just taken part in 'the big challenge', it's 'the first European English contest for schools. Ben was delighted when he heard about it, and after reading through the small print they discovered that there doesn't seem to be anything stopping him entering and trying to win a laptop or an ipod, despite that fact that he's English and a native speaker.

He brought the test paper home with him, much to my delight so I can test you - don't panic, it's multiple choice! (By the way, this test is for class 6 kids (age 12) there are different tests for different years, in case you think the questions are really easy, and you should also remember that all the questions are written in English, so while you should understand it all easily, for kids who aren't native Englsih speakers it will have been much harder...)

I won't give you all 54 questions, that would be too dull, I'll just give you a few:

  1. My brother .................. at university. a) is. b) am. c) are. d) has
  2. London is on the River ............... a) Teams. b) Thames. c) Thanks. d) Times.
  3. What doesn't rhyme with white? a) light. b) height. c) site. d) quiet.
  4. 50 people the club when they heard the fire alarm. A lot of people panicked. a) didn't panic. b) danced. c) had fun. d) were dancing.
  5. The rose and the lion are emblems of ........... a) England. b) Scotland. c) Ireland. d) Wales.
Ben is currently arguing with his friends over the answer to the last question. Ben knows the answer, and knows he's got it right. His friends have put different answers to Ben and have checked on Wikipedia (the German wiki, obviously) and declare their answers to be correct...they simply wont accept that they are wrong and Ben the English child is right (it's a very Germanic trait, not accepting that they're in the wrong - trust me) not surprisingly Ben is looking foward to the day the answers are given and the results announced!

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