Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Back!

2 weeks away, did you miss me?

We've had 14 days in a very hot and sunny Spain, the children spent most of every day in the pool, managing to get a perfect all over deep tan without any effort or ever burning or peeling - they did tend to go a bit wrinkly by the end of the day though!

We had great Chinese food while we were there, yeah, I know we should have been eating paella and tapas but where we live in Germany there's only one decent Chinese restaurant and so to find one on holiday was a bit of a treat. The first night we were there with our friends we had another 3 kids in tow, so we seated all 7 children (aged between 9 and 14) on a separate table so that we could enjoy our meal and have a decent conversation, there was a local arty/crafty market a stone's throw away and so when the children had eaten they went off to bother the stallholders, leaving us to eat and drink in peace, perfect. The table behind us had the same idea, separate tables for the adults and kids, their problem was that the children were younger and needed grown up intervention on and off throughout the evening. As they were leaving one of the fathers came over and congratulated us on our successful parenting skills - clearly jealous!

We came back 1 day too early. Not by accident, I'd booked the tickets correctly and everything, but if we'd come back Thursday instead of Wednesday we'd have been able to go sailing...on our last night we were walking with friends to a restaurant when Donal spotted a colleague of his from the Dublin law courts, Mondy (that's how he pronounced his name, whether it's actually written like that is anyone's guess, apart from his - I'm sure he knows how to write his own name) was in Ayamonte for just one night having parked his yacht in the marina and was sailing on to the next village on the Wednesday lunchtime tide. He invited all of us to go along (7 adults, 8 kids - it's a big boat, 26 foot, 6 berth) but 2 had a golf competition, 2 had a party and 4 had to pack to go home. Sad face. They had a fab time, dolphins swam alongside at one point, like I said, we came back a day too early!

Our flights to and from Spain were not uneventful...
On the way out we were delayed by over an hour thanks to the French air traffic controllers decision to strike (thanks guys). Of course we weren't told about the delay until we were queuing at the gate so we had over half an hour standing around in a line, time that I could have put to far better use in the duty free shop, and then maybe the same amount of time sat on the plane waiting for the captain to get airspace or something...
The return had no delay (thank goodness, we didn't get into our beds before 3am as it was!) but we were only 15-20 minutes into the flight when Jas went a very odd colour beneath her tan and managed to fill 3 sick bags (slight exageration, she didn't fill them as such, but we did use 3, it must be one of the worst parts of being cabin crew don't you think? Disposing of someone else's vomit filled paper bag? The lady concerned was very nice and helpful about it (but then it is her job) getting extra bags and a glass of water) fortunately Jas was so tired that after emptying her stomach she slept for most of the rest of the flight, leaving me in peace.

Now it's back to normality, for 2 weeks anyway then we're off to the UK for a wedding!

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