Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today was spent at the hospital getting the pin in Jas's arm removed (under general anaesthetic I hasten to add).

The appointment was for 930 am and so it was nil by mouth after midnight, she was keen not to be too hungry in the morning and so ate well during the evening and then got completely freaked out as she went to bed by the thoughts of what the morning would bring and threw up until she could throw up no

We got to the hospital early and walking through to the day surgery ward Jas slowed down and declared herself to be feeling unwell & promptly threw up the tiny bit of water we'd allowed her to have at 6am all over the clean hospital corridor...such fun.

She threw up again whilst we were waiting for the pre-med, just nerves - well, water again actually but you know what I mean, at least by then we had those lovely paper/card hospital vomit bowls to fill.

I expected to see the pre-med come back up after Jas declared it to taste nasty, but that was kept down and half an hour later provided us with great entertainment and an insight into the future - Jas was suddenly drunk, declaring that people had 4 eyes, 3 arms and extra nose and even managing to see 1 whole extra person at one point and then just as suddenly she was sobbing her eyes out - she's gonna make a maudlin drunk!

Post op and she was delighted to see in the flesh as it were, the metal pin that has been inside her arm for the last 2-3 months - it's pink!

Eventually we made it back to the ward where the vomit bowl was again needed and only when hours later she had proved she could eat (pretzel sticks and butter biscuits) and drink (water) were we allowed to go home, vomit bowl clutched in hand.

I drove as carefully home as if I had a full china tea service laid out on a tray on the back seat - not an easy thing to accomplish in a Cooper S with very low profile tyres that exaggerate every bump and it was only after reaching the hall in our house that Jas threw up for the 5 (and please god the last) time.

Now she wants to know what's for tea - nothing, if I can possibly help it, I want to get the stink of vomit out of my nostrils!!

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